Greece - Ionian islands - Lefkada

Lefkas island map lefkada
DEstination Lefkada island
Lefkada, named after its white coastline is an island located west of the Acarananian coast, rising out of the royal blue waters of the Ionian Pelagos to reach a height of 1182m at its peaks. A paradise spreading over an area of 350 square kilometres and with an overall length of 117 kilometres of beautiful varying shapes of coastline.
Meganissi is located opposite of Nidri (Lefkada, 17 km south from the main town Lefkas) from where you can come to Vathy or to Spilia by a ferry boat that is scheduled a few times per day. If you visit Meganissi without a car, then you can have a nice journey on board of a power boat “Achialos” which directly connects Lefkas town with the two main ports of Meganissi – Vathy and Spilia.